Preschool Alphabet Games: Letter “Y”

We’re on letter “Y” in our preschool alphabet games.  This week “Y” is for Yellow. I picked “yellow” beacuse it’s a super easy theme – easy to point out the color yellow in various objects around the house and we can spend some time painting or coloring things yellow.

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Is it just me or do little ones grow up so fast? Check out Nugget – he is standing all by himself and just this week he took a few steps all by himself!

Nugget taking a few steps

Nugget taking a few steps

In a previous post I’ve written how we’re using a Montessori method of challenging little ones to learn by using their natural tendencies towards learning.  You can read more about it on my Preschool Planning Post.  On my planning post you can download a FREE planning chart and organizing chart.

montessouri preschool homeschool
A “blank” copy of what the plan looks like.

Just so you know, I do not fill out one of these planning charts every week.  Nor do I always fill the drawers (for the various learning areas) every week. That was my goal in the beginning but some weeks I just “wing it”.  If you are a mama you know there are just some weeks that wind up planned better than others.  This week was one of those weeks.  But never fear, we did work on the letter “Y” and here is what the learning table looked like:

preschool alphabet games


I’ve been asked by a few moms how long it takes to do these activities.  I’d say it’s anywhere from five to fifteen minutes per activity and I only do two or three a day. The rest is free play.  Sometimes Peanut will take a real interest in something and spend more time at it, if he does, I let him lead.  I’m just trying to introduce him to concepts and make it FUN. 😉

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preschool farm animals

preschool farm animals


preschool alphabet games




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NOW, back to our Preschool Alphabet Games…

Every day starts with character building and this week we’re focusing on “Yard-work”.  Just Kidding 😉  But daddy has already informed our boys that they need to get big and strong so they can “help daddy in the yard.”

Actually, mommy is working on character building and she’s focusing on yielding to God’s plans.  I’m trying to let my yes be yes and my no be no.  More on that in this post: Yes.

Our real focus with Peanut is sharing with his little brother so we always applaud him when he shares with Nugget.  This will likely be our focus in the coming weeks as sharing is very important to us as parents.  A great story on sharing is in John 6:1-14 where the young boy shares his loaves of fish and bread so we’ve been reading the story in “The Children’s Discovery Bible” by Cook Communications and talking about what it means to share.

preschool alphabet games

Sharing Play-Doh

Our set-up for our letter “Y” study included flashcards of a yo-yo, yarn, yak, yawn, and yolk and I drew yogurt, yucca, yarn and a yellow fish. We use “Hooked On phonics” flash cards and these “Go Fish” flashcards by School Educational Products.  If you’re looking for a way to get inspired and organize your preschool activities, please check out my post: Preschool Planning Post.

Our favorite puzzle for teaching Peanut phonetic sounds is the “Sound Puzzle” by Melissa and Doug, click the image for more info.
Melissa and Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle - 26 Pieces

Our theme for the week is yellow.  My youngest was very enthused about the color – especially the yellow poster paint.

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Nugget likes the “yellow” poster paint

preschool alphabet games

Preschool Alphabet Games – Letter “Y”

preschool alphabet games

Stamping shapes in Play-Doh


We reviewed the sound the letter “Y” makes and talked about the flashcards and the drawings I completed for this lesson.  To download a FREE copy of the PDF slides of the Letter “Y” click here: Letter “Y”

Preschool Alphabet Games - Letter "Y"

Preschool Alphabet Games – Letter “Y”

Thank you for joining us on our journey through the alphabet.  I’m so thankful I get to say “Yes” to the things I am passionate about.  Being at home with my boys and learning and growing as a Mom.

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    I like the yellow paint idea. We did letter of the day when the kids were little, but usually just ran around the house collecting things that began with the letter. The variety you have in your letter activities looks like a lot of fun.

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