Cars Cake for a Two-Year-Old

Cars Cake for a 2 Year Old

Someone in our house will celebrate his second birthday very soon.  My mom extended her stay for a little over a week so we decided to take on a cake making project together – it is the Williams Sonoma Cars 2 Mini-Cakes.  It is a multi-step process and one that involved some research.  The cake baking directions are included with the pan from Williams Sonoma and the icing directions are something I found on their blog: Decorate Cars 2 Cakelets.  The Cars cake batter on the recipe is delicious and all of  the directions include make-at-home batter and frosting.  In fact, I highly recommend you follow the icing instructions on the blog as it allows you to pour the icing over each car making it easier to coat.

Cars 2 Close Up

For the piping, I bought some small pre-filled applicators at the store to save time and money.  I plan to freeze the little cakes and defrost them a day or so before his party.  Directions on how to freeze can be found at Wikihow to Freeze-Cakes.

If you decide to make these cakes please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

In His Grip,


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Bake the Cakes

Pour Royal Icing over the cakes

You’ll need to trim the excess after it dries

Pre-filled applicators helped with the primary colors and candy eyes made those super-quick to apply. I followed the directions on the blog for the brown and black icing by mixing in chocolate for the brown and a store bought black.


  1. Leann says

    Normally royal icing gets pretty solid. Does the icing get hard? Does it taste good? I bought the cakelets pans and am curious! Thanks!

  2. Nashama says

    This was a really helpful post. I actually just bought a used pan to make these for my son’s upcoming second birthday….but it didn’t come with the instructions (cake recipe). Any chance you still have yours and are able/willing to share it?
    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Nashama – I made the cakes a second time and include the recipe ingredients and instructions on this post: This should help – the recipe is dense and a little spongy, as long as you follow the directions you should be able to pop the cakes out without any trouble. :-) Good luck and happy birthday to your little guy!

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